Combine Power of Innovation and User Experience for successful Events.

VIVEX is a one-stop platform for organizers to build an attractive and a reliable virtual space!

What is VIVEX?

A game changing technology.

Responding to the pandemic’s challenge of hosting live events, VIVEX gives you the solution of hosting virtual events without losing human interaction.

VIVEX is a virtual area that places people into the heart of an event space. Not only it will allow them to wander around and explore at their own pace, but it will also give them the opportunity to engage and interact with the host, the speakers and other attendees.

VIVEX is 3D environment designed to be an immersive and interactive experience that engages your audience, drive more business and generate revenue.

Advantages of Vivex

Establish business and professional relationships in virtual environments.

The goal of VIVEX is to keep human contact while benefiting from the potential the digital world offers.

Time & Money Saving
Connect globally
Make Connections Easily
Collect data, feedback, and leads

Replica of an existing physical space

VIVEX can be an immersive nonexistent environment or a reproduction of your own space.

Guided tour

A virtual host will welcome your attendees and guide them through the platform.

Device compatibility

It is compatible for all devices, even on a VR headset!

360 Live stream

VIVEX offers a 360 live streaming option.


VIVEX is a versatile platform that can be adapted for an immersive 360 E-learning course.

Dedicated space for sponsors

Appreciate your sponsors by allocating a space for showcasing their names and logos.

Virtual Stage

A Virtual Real-Time 3D Stage for Events

Virtual Stage is a background matting environment that enables the creation of high-quality videos with virtual green screening techniques.

It is a real-looking world for discussions, presentations, forums, and audience interactions as well as many possibilities for an outstanding virtual experience.

Virtual Stage Features

The stage

Stage Appearance and Customization
Screen adaptability
Speaker Look
3D Product Insertion
Various Camera Options

The Audience

Interaction with the presenters
Live chat

The Speaker

Green Screen Option
Speaker Content Control
Chat Facilitator Feature
Speaker's Lounge

The Backstage

Remote Production
Live Cues
Audience Control
Visual Insertions
Access to Analytics


Stage Manager
Communication manager
Audio and video Engineer
Real-Time Producer
Live Stream Control
Online Audience Manager
Online Support Manager

Display Screens

For presentations
For Videos
Fully Branded

A fully Immersive virtual platform

Experience and compare between replicating the “physical” location of the event or designing a new 3d virtual one from scratch

Platform design

360 Environment

Executed with either real images or 3D renders.

Floor map

To locate the visitor at all times and help him explore the space.


To assist the visitor in choosing his next destination.

Call-to-action buttons

To support the visitor and push him to take action towards his next move.

Images, Videos and Animation Integration

To give as much information as possible and turn this experience into a pleasurable one.


conferences and seminars

Plan topnotch virtual events with easy access to keynotes and connect with attendees through chat tools, webinars, immersive booths, and various valuable content.

job fairs

Boost your recruitment process with a remote career fair, where job seekers from all over can be interviewed from the comfort of their homes.


Create a virtual show where exhibitors and visitors from a certain industry meet up, exchange information, learn more about new products and services, chat with prospects and generate revenue.

product launch

Manage and extend the exposure of a new product in an online event with a time and cost-efficient approach, without losing the wow factor of unveiling your next big thing.


Host an online training course and have your audience learn new skills while being connected through live streaming. Set your own activities, the game is an endless possibility one.


Virtual events are all about innovation and shaping the next phase for learning. Take it to the next level with learning themes such as instructional lectures, 360 live demonstrations, tests.

Exhibitors Features

  • Different booth templates and sizes
  • Fully branded
  • audience engagement through text, videos and live chat
  • Virtual pre-recorded host to welcome the attendee
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Dedicated space for sponsors
  • 24/7 Customer support

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